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IJRMET – Vol 2 Issue 1, April 2012

S.No. Research Topics Paper ID
1. Production Centers Selection Problem for A Manufacturing Firm of Supply Chain Under Production Centers’ Uncertainty and Demand Uncertainty by using Fuzzy Goal Programming Approaches
Dr. B.Chandra Mohana Reddy, Dr. K. Hemachandra Reddy, Dr. C. Nadha Muni Reddy
2. This Paper is Removed Due to Copyright Issue IJRMET/1110/A-982
3. This Paper is Removed Due to Copyright Issue IJRMET/1110/A-983
4. Kaizen Implementation in an Industry in India: A Case Study
Rajesh Gautam, Sushil Kumar, Dr. Sultan Singh
5. Study the Effects of Centrifugal Force on Abrasive Flow Machining Process
Ramandeep Singh, R.S. Walia
6. Analytical Model of Tension and Shear Loaded Bolted Joint
Mohamed Tahar Nasraoui, Jamel Chakhari, Boubaker Khalfi, Mustapha Nasri
7. Optimal Two-Time Scale Controller for a Missile Autopilot
P. Rezaie Moghaddam, Dr. H. Zarabadipour
8. Energy Economics Study on Biomass Energy Conversion Techniques
J.Jenil Gavaskar, Vibhu.B.Pillai, N.K. Sanker, M.Ayyappan, M.R.Saravanan, Dr.A.Pasupathy
9. High Temperature Oxidation and Carbon Nano Tubes-An Overview
Rakesh Goyal, Dr. Vikas Chawla, Dr. Buta Singh Sidhu
10. Just in Time Revisited: Literature Review and Agenda for Future Research
Dr. A.K.Gupta
11. A Novel Design of 7 Speed Manual Gear Box
U.S. Gupta, M.M. Patra
12. JIT in Higher Education
Dr. A.K.Gupta