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IJRMET – Vol 6 Issue 2, May-Oct 2016

S.No. Research Topics Paper ID
1. Effect of Various Heat Treatment Processes on Mechanical Properties of Mild Steel and Cast Iron
Vishal Singh, Amresh Mishra, Km. Sonam, Rupma Gautam, Aamir Alam Azmi
2. Comparative Fatigue Life Prediction of Spur Gear Under Fully Reversed Loading by Using Finite Element Analysis
D.Manojkumar, K.Sai Sravani, B.Bharghavi
3. Design and Analysis of Sports Utility Vehicle’s Chassis and Its Passenger Cabin Cavity in Hyper Mesh and Solved using
Hariharan Perumaal Rajasekaran
4. Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites (AA 6061 Reinforced With MOS2)
E. Subba Rao, M. Janardan, N.Ramanaiah
5. Review on Advanced Alternative Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC’s) Materials in Low Heat Rejection Engines
G.Vidyasagar Reddy, N. Govindha Rasu, M. Mohan Jagadeesh Kumar, T.Hari Prasad
6. FE Analysis of Joint Interfaces of FPSO Topside Module Through 1D to 3D Sub-Modeling Technique
Naveen Agrawal
7. Modelling of Cavitation Using Energy Approach
Aniruddha Kulkarni, Milind Kulkarni, Shivayogi Salutagi
8. Utilization of RBO as an Alternative Fuel in CI Engine With Zinc Oxide Nano Fluids as Additives
S.Sirajuddin, B.Siddeswara Rao
9. Essence of Production Planning for SMEs
Dr. Abhijit Chakraborty
10. Drilling of 6061 Aluminium Alloy with MQL, Dry and Flooded Cooling-Lubricant Conditions
Tarjeet Singh, Jeewan Singh, Manmohan Singh
11. Development of Electro-Magnetic Brake System
Romin Patel
12. Fluid Structure Interaction: Fundamentals and Application – A Review
Jainish Topiwala, Gaurav Mistry, Sandip Patel, Pratik Umrigar
13. Transient Thermal Analysis in Vertical Cylinder With Duct or Without Duct For Natural Convection
Ritika Tripathi, Dr. Satyendra Singh, Ravi kumar, Shailesh Ranjan Kumar
14. Geometrical Study of Fins Using ANSYS as a Tool
Bharti Sharma, Dr. Satyendra Singh, Vinod Kumar, Ravi Kumar
15. Determination of Pressure Distribution at Interface for Hyper-elastic Material Using FEA
Ranjit Patil
16. Thermal Challenge Problem Solution using a Modular Linear Bayesian Calibration Approach
S. Finley, G. Reinman, P. Marzocca, K. Willmert
17. Evaluation of Optimal Parameters for Machining with Wire Cut EDM Using Grey-Taguchi Method
V Sridhar, M Ashok Chakravarthy, V V Venu Madhav
18. A Survey on Finite Element Analysis Software Integrated Design
P Srinivasaraju, G Srinivasarao, ChHari Krishna, Surya Prakash Varma
19. Structural Size Optimization of Ten Bar Truss Using Finite Element Analysis For Minimum Weight and Maximum Stiffness
P.Satheesh Kumar Reddy, Ch.Nagaraju, M.Ashok Chakravarthy
20. Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Composite for Aircraft Wings
Rahul Dahiya, Baalaganapathy Manohar, Rohan Kapdi
21. Experimental Investigation of Material Removal Rate (MRR) on Ultrasonic Machining of Al/SiC Metal Matrix Composites
Gyanendra Singh, Dheeraj Sagar, Sunil Kumar Yadav
22. Comparison of Measurement Uncertainty Values of Fatigue Tests through Monte Carlo and Kragten Methods
Lisiane Trevisan, Daniel Antonio Kapper Fabricio, Afonso Reguly
23. Experimental Investigation of Solar Desalination Using Cetyl Alcohol
A.Srisakthi, V.R.Bala Kumar, 3S.Suyambu lingam
24. Plastic Flow Analysis of Bicycle Chain Guard Using Mold Flow
S.Kovalan, G.Venkatachalam, R.Vicknesh, K.Elumalai
25. Laser Assisted Turning of ANSI M2 High Speed Steel
S.Kovalan, Dr. P.Kuppan
26. A Survey on RSW Coupled Analysis Using Weld Nugget for Temperature Distribution
Bodlapati S S Charan, Maredi Akshay Kumar Reddy
27. Optimal Design of the Facility Layout using Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Sujit Kumar Jha, Shiv Ranjan Kumar
28. Power Generation From Solar Energy Through Thermo-Electric Materials
Shaik Nayeem, Mallela Ravi Kiran, Eppala Rama Krishna Reddy
29. Optimization of Process Parameters in Wire Electric Discharge Machining Process
Shri Krishan Mishra, Rahul Davis
30. Design and Experimental Performance Analysis of Solar Still Using Phase Changing Materials and Sensible Heat Elements
Bharat Kumar Patil, Sanjay Dambal
31. Expermental Investigation in Machining of CP Titanium Grade-2 by Wire EDM
Shri Krishan Mishra, Rahul Davis
32. Design and Performance of Hydraulic Autofrettage Using Universal Testing Machine
Anup Jain, Swanand Khanwelkar, Kumar Saurav, Ameya Landge, Umesh Yadav
33. Evaluation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Plasma Sprayed HA+10% wt. Al2O3 Coatings on Titanium and SS 316 L with and without Bond Coat
Manoj Mittal