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IJRMET – Vol 8 Issue 1, Nov 17 – April 2018

S.No. Research Topics Paper ID
1. Performance and Emission Analysis of Eucalyptus Oil-artocarpus Heterophyllus Methyl Ester Supported by EGR System on LHR Engine
L. Rahul, S. Pranav Balaji, T. Mohaan, M. Kamalesh
2. Deliberations on Gearbox Sizing: A Case Study
Nirav Doshi
3. Casting Method Design of Gear Box Housing for Yield Improvement through Simulation: A Case Study
Patil Sachin S., Dr. Naik Girish R., Dr. Naik Poornima.G.
4. Influence of Fiber Length on Mechanical Properties of Short Randomly Oriented TerminallaBellirica (TANI) Fiber Reinforced Polyster Composites
Bolagani Jamalamma, Ranga Nagendra Babu, T.N.Charyulu
5. Analysis of External Aerodynamics of Sedan and Hatch Back Car Models Having Same Frontal Area by Flow Visualization Method
Sharath Kumar S N, Dr. Sathish S
6. Quality Improvement by Application of DMAIC Technique: A Review
Satish A. Bhosle, G.R. Naik
7. Design and Manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Spray Painting
Nilam R. Rajmane, Jyoti R. Thombare, Mayuri S. Salunkhe, Prajyot P. Godse
8. Exergetic Analysis of Bagasse & Coal Based Thermal Power Plant for Efficiency Optimization & Performance Improval
Pournima V. Chorage, Pooja R. Dhanawade, Shubhada H. Ingawale, Snehal A. Kale, Kiran R. Mane, V. B. Dixit