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IJRMET – Vol 3 Issue 1, Nov 2012 – April 2013

S.No. Research Topics Paper ID
1. Turbulent Fluid Flow Analysis by RANS-Method in an Axi-Symmetric Sudden Expansion
Snehamoy Majumder, Arindam Mandal
2. A Comprehensive Review of Fuel Cell and its Types
Amit Kumar, Tanvir Singh, Satnam Singh, Dr. Yunfei Liu
3. Availability Analysis of E.B.I. System in a Process Industry by Using Markov Death Birth Rule
Sunil Kadiyan, Dr. R. K. Garg, Ajay Kumar
4. A Detailed Study on Fuel Cell Market: A Step Towards Energy Sustainability in ICT
Tanvir Singh, Amit Kumar, Dr. Yunfei Liu
5. Contact Analysis of Cylindrical Roller Bearing Using Different Roller Profiles
B. Ramu, V. V. R. Murthy
6. Experimental and Simulated Studies on Temperature Distribution for Various Disc Brakes
D. Murali Mohan Rao, Dr. C. L. V. R. S. V. Prasad, T. Ramakrishna
7. Scheming and Substantial Advances to Wind Turbine Blade Design
D. V. Padmaja, Dr. T. Appala Raju
8. Structural Analysis of Gear Train Design in Portal Axle Using Finite Element Modeling
E. Jayaram, M. Rambabu
9. Dynamic Analysis & Optimization of Connecting Rod Using Fem
N. Y. Kumari, Dr. B V R Gupta
10. Design of Conventional Deep Drawing and Hydro-Assisted Deep Drawing Via Experimental and Finite Element Analysis
Siyyadri Jagadeesh Kumar, T. Appala Raju
11. Achieving Co-Ordination between Production Rate and Demand Rate in Manufacturing Systems
P S Puranik, D K Ghosh
12. Optimization of Link Lengths of Four Bar Mechanism
Venu Kotturu, I.Satyanarayana, Ravi Kumar Kothalanka