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IJRMET – Vol 3 Issue 2, Ver. 2, May – Oct 2013

S.No. Research Topics Paper ID
51. Experimental Investigation on WEDM Machine Using Taguchi Techniques for Optimization of Process Parameter
Suresh Kataria, Manish Bajaj, Sunil Kadiyan, Anand Kumar
52. Paper Removed Due to Copyright Issue
53. Optimization of Process Parameters in Surface Grinding Using Response Surface Methodology
Pawan Kumar, Anish Kumar, Balinder Singh
54. Comparision of Machining Parameters for Optimum Surface Roughness of AISI 1045 With TiN and TiAlN Coated Carbide Tools
Anand Kumar, Pardeep Sharma, Suresh Kataria, Anuj Kumar
55. An Overview of Friction Stir Welding
A.Suresh Babu, C.Devanathan
56. Effect of Heat Input and Shielding Gas on Hardness, Tensile and Impact Strength of 2.25 Cr-1Mo Steel Weld Metals in GMAW
Niranjan Pawaria, Suresh Kataria, Amit Goyal, Seeone Sharma
57. Enhancement of Heat Transfer With Conical Hole Filament Insert in a Flow through Circular Tube
Monis Abdulmanan Abdullah, V. N. Kapatkar
58. Experimental Investigation on Surface Modification of Wc-Co by Electric Discharge Coating Process Using Sic/Cu Green Compact Tool-Electrode
Deepak Kumar, Ketan Mittal, Suresh Kataria, Sunil Kadiyan, Seeone Sharma
59. Multi-objective Optimization of Laser Beam Cutting Process
M. Lakshmi Chaitanya, A. Gopala Krishna
60. Rotor Dynamic Analysis of Steam Turbine By Finite Element Analysis
Trupti Wani, Nivedita B, Poornima Hombal
61. Experimental Investigation of Surface Integrity of Cobalt Bonded Tungsten Carbide (Wc-Co) Using EDM Process Material
Vikram Singh, Suresh Kataria, Sunil Kadiyan, Anup Lega, Seeone Sharma
62. Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder in Global Economic
Dr. Abhishek Gupta