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IJRMET – Vol 4 Issue 1, Nov 2013 to April 2014

S.No. Research Topics Paper ID
1. Experimental Study on Effect of Passive Devises on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in a Round Tube Using Circular Ring Inserts, Fitted With Screen Mesh
Vishal Thopate, Dr. Prof.A.D.Desai
2. Optimization of Consumable Products & Reliability
D.Simhachalam, P. Veera Raju, Dr. S.S.N.Murthy
3. Determination of Optimum Cutting Parameters for Surface Roughness and Tool Flank Wear in Hard Turning by Taguchi Method
Jatinder Kumar, Rahul Joshi
4. Design, Fabrication and Graphical Analysis of a Scoop Wheel Feeder
Aakash Rajput, Isha Jain, Nidhi Gahlot, Pradeep Khanna
5. Optimization of Process Parameter in TIG Welding Using Taguchi of Stainless Steel-304
Ajit Khatter, Pawan Kumar, Manish Kumar
6. Aircraft Braking System
Shruti Nair, Shreya Nair
7. Optimization of Input Process Parameters in CNC Milling Machine of EN24 Steel
Balinder Singh, Rajesh Khanna, Kapil Goyal, Pawan Kumar
8. Effect of Tool Shape on Mechanical Properties in Single and Double Sided Friction Stir Welding on AA
3003 Aluminum Alloy
Amit Goyal, Pankaj Sharma, Niranjan Pawaria
9. Comparison for Al2O3 and SiC Wheel on CNC Surface Grinding Machine Using Response Surface Methodology of EN24 Steel
Pawan Kumar, Manish Jangra, Bhupender Singh
10. Structural Modelling, Characterization and Integrative Analysis of EDM System
Kiranpreet Singh Kang, Harjot Singh Gill, Jagwinderjit Singh Gill
11. A New Approach to Waste Heat and Pressure Energy Systemsl
Upendra S. Gupta, Sankalp Kumar Mishra, Murtaza Bohra
12. Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Vibratory Feeder
Sheetal Bhagat, Tanushi Pandey, Vishesh Garg, Pradeep Khanna
13. Studies on Flow from Convergent Nozzle with Sudden Expansion and Control Effectiveness under the Influence of Micro Jets
Syed Ashfaq, S. A. Khan
14. A Markov Model For Performance Estimation of Chipping Unit of Paper Plant
Virender Kumar, Vikas Modgil