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IJRMET – Vol 6 Issue 1, Nov 2015 – Apr 2016

S.No. Research Topics Paper ID
1. The Effects of Thermal Barrier Coating on Thermal Stress and Temperature Distribution in a Diesel Engine Piston for Magnesia/Yittria Partially Stabliliszed Zirconia
Baalaganapathy Manohar, Miller Jothi, Udaykumar R
2. Paper has been Removed Due to Technical Issue
3. Deliberations on Acceptance Criteria of Centrifugal Pump Vibration
Mantosh Bhattacharya
4. Analysis of Surface Roughness of 2507 Super-Duplex Stainless Steels During Dry CNC Turning Using Deep Cryogenically Treated ISO K313 Wc/Co Inserts
Harvinder Singh, Parminder Singh, Jaskaranjeet Singh
5. Various Techniques Used in Plant Layout
Tejinder Singh, Harvinder Lal
6. Vibration Reduction in Cantilever Beam by Using MR Damper With Designed Control System
Shital Rasal, Sharad Kshirsagar
7. Evaluation of Shear Energy in Turning Process Using DOE Approach
A.Kannan, N.Prasanna Venkateshvaralu
8. Finite Element Analysis of Knuckle Joint Pin Using Creo 2.0 Software
Aman Dutt
9. Design, Fabrication and Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Coaxial Flow Setup
Balaji Subramanian, S Umama, Hemanth Kumar, Bhavana R Mutalik Desai, Swathi BG
10. Analysis of External Aerodynamics of Sedan and Hatch Back Car Models Having Same Frontal Area by Computational Method
Sharath Kumar S N, Dr. C. K. Umesh
11. The paper has been removed due to some technical issue
12. Implementation on Line Balancing Techniques and Optimization of Technologies for Efficiency ImProvement
Sachin Sain, Ashish Manoria
13. Isogrid Stiffened Electronic Enclosure for Avionic Applications
Palanivelrajan .V, Sumathi.R
14. Review Paper on Vertical Axis Maglev Wind Turbine
Pravesh K. Sahare, Tanveer A. Hussain, Sangita N. Kakde, Sujata R. Ingle, Ambikaprasad O. Chaubey
15. Thermoeconomic Analysis of Supercritical 1400 MW Thermal Power Plant Rajpura, Punjab, India
Narinder Singh Dayal, Rakesh Dang
16. Review Paper on Wind Turbine using Magnetic Levitation
Ashwin P. Joseph, Suraj P. Chavhan, Pravesh K. Sahare, Abdul Arif, Tanveer A. Hussain
17. Energy Utilization in Cold Storage Plants using Heat Pump
Shreyas A. Gurav, Nirmohi V. Sasmile, Sachin S. Dharia
18. Investigation of Mechanical Properties of MS Rod Joined by Friction Welding Using Various End Preparations
Jagroop Singh, Rakesh Kumar
19. A Review: Efficiency Improvement and Reduction in Emission by Using Blended Vegetable Oil Bio-Diesel in C.I. Engine
Onkar V. Dixit, Ajinkya Jadhav, Dr. Lavendra S. Bothra
20. State of Art of Supply Chain Management Among Manufacturing Industries in Kerala
Anil Kumar K.R
21. Hill Parking Assist for Motor Bikes
Sharran S.R, Sivanesan G
22. Design of Hydraulic Test RIG For Vortex Type Flow Meter
Rohan Mirajkar, Rohan Anturkar, S.S.Hirmukhe, Tanmay Boravke
23. YOKE ARM Engine
Deepak Naik
24. Evaluation of Mechanical behaviour of Powder Metallurgy-Processed Aluminium Self Lubricating Hybrid Composites
with B4C Gr Additions

K. Sunil Ratna Kumar, Ch. Ratnam, C. Lakshmi Poornima